I am perpetually motivated by discovery. When interacting with the world, I find the greatest satisfaction from learning, making, and growing. I enjoy connecting with people, understanding them, and developing my sense of emotional awareness.  These processes result in a richer view of life, the world, humans, and all of the intricacies and mysteries that connect them.  I want to learn from people, design solutions for the world, learn from these designs, and continue on in this fashion.

In Spring 2018, I started to bring form to an idea I noticed all around me. Walking to class in the morning, I’d feel the cold, winter air and stare at the deep, blue sky full of endless sunshine. I’d see crowds of intelligent, thoughtful, caring people studying at a forward-thinking university that values innovation, benevolence, and constant improvement. These sensations brought to me such an uplifting feeling of enthusiasm and optimism. I felt then and still do today that each and every one of us has the power to change the world, bit by bit. I want to see happy people, living full, meaningful, healthy lives. I want our personal, regional, and national technologies to run efficiently, cleanly, and to improve life. I want to provide others with designs and resources that benefit, please, and inspire hope. I call this idea bright future. Through my design, I seek to bring this idea forward into our present lives.



When working and designing, I enjoy finding exciting, intriguing, and challenging problem spaces. I appreciate the chase of seeking answers, asking new questions, investigating, and imagining. My work style isn’t consistent, and to that end I say the design journey isn’t consistent or straightforward either. I love working with a team of driven and enthusiastic individuals, who aren’t afraid of asking questions and suggesting wild ideas. I don’t want to see the presence of uncertainty daunt others, because no one may know the answer immediately. Finding it takes time and the ideation that gets us there breathes best under optimism and unbridled imagination. Furthermore, sometimes the most random conversations can inspire a thought that leads to brilliance. I find those breakthrough moments with team members to be so ridiculously exciting, when suddenly you look at each other, knowingly, and all say, “We got it!”

I notice things about people. Sometimes I’m not sure how to feel about it, but I can pick up on the tiniest emotional hints or personality traits. I’m a strong observer, listener, and I allow others to feel heard and understood through my sense of empathy. I love to find those gems of research insight when analyzing results of interviews, observations, or testing. I also possess an active, creative mind, with which I ideate and imagine solutions energetically, and translate these into actionable processes. Through my ideation and research, I can zero in on what needs to be implemented, utilizing specific insights from user research and iterative design. Then, I can present these designs and insights in warm, charismatic, and engaging ways.