About Me

Gregory Sirko studies at Purdue University in his second year of User Experience Design. He is interested in all parts of UX, especially visual design, psychological research, and improving emotional and social connections through digital solutions. He started his university studies in Computer Information Technology, but found he was missing a certain something. His past work experience includes four years on a golf course, doing outside operations with a high emphasis on member interaction and satisfaction, as well as working as a print lab technician, operating large, inkjet printers and providing support to art and design students. He also has a background in graphic design and digital media. He is highly concerned with design philosophy and studying the effects of technology on life and culture. Outside of work, he loves to play the drums and keyboard, as well as sauté onions. You can reach him through email: gsirko@purdue.edu , greg.sirko@gmail.com , or by phone: 219.928.3477.