embodied shopping

The Brief

For this project, my team and I were tasked with the following challenge: understand the needs of contemporary grocery shoppers and channel those insights to inform the design of a refined experience. This experience must fully maximize embodied interaction with the grocery store and its constituent parts, as well as personal technology and social-physical factors.

Embodied Interaction

To understand our user as the grocery shopper, we must understand their abilities, their own perceptions of these abilities, and how they imaginatively play in a physical space. Knowing their embodiment helps us to know the possibilities of shopping, of the way the shopper’s abilities, desires, potentialities, and what-if’s create a web of information. This is the embodiment of the grocery shopper.

Our Approach

My team and I got out in the field and observed grocery shoppers. We also interviewed them. From collected information, we narrowed in the space of grocery shopping families with young children. We often saw parents becoming frustrated, rushing, and children (through their boredom or emotion) upset the pleasant experience that grocery shopping could be.

Our designs were guided around the idea of the experience being less stressful and more fun.

Our Design

We came up with an interactive, grocery shopping mobile app, that allows parents to incorporate their children into the shopping experience in a playful and engaging way, as well as alleviate their appeasement of their children in difficult situations.

Users start by inputting a list of desired grocery items. They have the ability to select and choose various possibilities, based on the paired store’s inventory. The parent would do this step. Then, the phone prompts the user to select an adventure and the child would take over. The game displays hints and locations for grocery items in an interactive experience, with a voice that is fun, light, and centered towards children. Hints are shown before each item, moving linearly. Users also have the option to move around their list randomly and view previous items.


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